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A performer in a white dress interacting

Improving the representation of British East / South East Asian (BESEA) culture across the dramatic arts primarily in UK theatre.



Know your past,
fight for your future.

T 30-105.jpg

Tiananmen 30

1 Jun 2019 

To mark the 30th anniversary of the protest in Tiananmen Square, British East Asian artists unite in London to present a programme of political theatre.

Invisible Harmony-156.jpg

Invisible Harmony

4 Feb 2020

“Harmony” ( 和 谐 ) has been a central obsession of Chinese authoritarian rule for thousands of years. Invisible Harmony 无形的和谐 is a free flow of poetry, of dance, of a cry for freedom.

Freedom Hi-110.jpg

Freedom Hi

10-15 Mar 2020

Drawing both on experiences of the front lines of protest and the diasporic experience of watching traumatic events unfold through digital platforms, this show explores the chaotic and fractured nature of the fight for freedom.

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