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Papergang Leadership Take-Over

Updated: Mar 25

After 10 years, Papergang Theatre is looking for a new leadership team: an opportunity that provides a space for two practitioners to gain an understanding of the mechanics and requirements of running a project-to-project company/charity.


  • We provide company infrastructure.

  • We offer the support of a committed Board and mentorship of outgoing Directors.

  • We will introduce you to our networks to start the conversations to help put your plans into action.


  • You bring the projects and ideas of what might serve the BESEA artists community.

  • You have the capacity, energy and pragmatism to lead with curiosity and generosity.

  • You create the next chapter of Papergang Theatre.


During your tenure you will  be supported in the following areas:


Board relationship:

-       Learning how to be accountable to a  Board and how you present your work in papers.

-       Understanding of policies that are in place or are created.

-       Utilising the Board and its collective power to support you in your work.

- Understanding and experience of the role of the Board within a registered charity and the relationship between a Board and senior management team.



- Understanding  of planning projects within the framework of a registered charity with an underlying mission and vision


-       Utilising the charity’s status, identifying, applying and reporting to funding sources.

-       Networking, understanding where the opportunities lie.


Network including

-       Pleasance Theatre, where the company is an Associate until 2025.

-       NPOs for specific communities, including New Earth Theatre.

The support will be tailored depending on the knowledge you already bring, so that you will have the tools to:

  • Develop a vision and mission that stays true to the charity’s purpose of providing support to BESEA creatives.

  • Write up an 18-month sustainability plan co-created with the outgoing leadership team and the Board.

  • Hit the ground running with fundraising to start your first project at the helm of Papergang Theatre.


The Budget

There is currently a budget of £8,000, which can be used as match funding for whatever you can raise elsewhere. This could be broken down as a paid 1-2 days a week commitment (for example, £160 x 24 days in total per person) but we are open to suggestions of other ways that this budget may work better given your proposal. We will also support you in applying for further funding to increase the budget. 


  • We are looking for creatives who are interested in learning how to run an arts company in order to prepare for their next step in arts leadership.

  • Applicants should ideally have experience in producing and fundraising for small scale projects.

This is an opportunity to gain an understanding of the practicalities and responsibilities of a charitable company which is the usual model for arts companies. 

As Papergang Theatre is a charity with the aim of improving the representation of British East / South East Asian (BESEA) culture across the dramatic arts primarily in UK theatre; we expect the new leaders of the company to actively support and champion this community.

Applicants apply as a team or as an individual (and be prepared to be teamed up!)

by Friday 26th April 5pm

  • A  creative project that considers the community engagement aspect 


  • A community project with a longer-term creative end goal


  • A suggestion for a 12-18 month sustainability plan.

Should you have any further questions, please contact:

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