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Omnibus Theatre 🎭

6-11th June 2022 🗓

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Previous shown at the Royal Court and the Sands Theatre Studio. 🎭
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TL; DR a standard Tuesday night when you're a trans girl on the internet.


Asian Pirate Musical

Through an experimental blend of traditional indigenous sounds, 21st century Asian pop, and musical influence from diasporas, ASIAN PIRATE MUSICAL explores freedom, found families, and finding fun in the face of our future.


Amaterasu: Out of the Cave

In Development 2021-2022


Freedom Hi 

10-15 Mar 2020

Drawing both on experiences of the front lines of protest and the diasporic experience of watching traumatic events unfold through digital platforms, this show explores the chaotic and fractured nature of the fight for freedom.

A performer talking into a mic at upstag

Invisible Harmony

4 Feb 2020

“Harmony” ( 和 谐 ) has been a central obsession of Chinese authoritarian rule for thousands of years. Invisible Harmony 无形的和谐 is a free flow of poetry, of dance, of a cry for freedom.

Audience sitting in the circle in a blac

Tiananmen 30

1 Jun 2019

To mark the 30th anniversary of the protest in Tiananmen Square, British East Asian artists unite in London to present a programme of political theatre.

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April 2020

One of six intercontinental works-in-process: diaspora, borders, solidarity. earth explored interaction, collaboration, and interconnectivity in an era of reinforced borders and social distancing, earth is the first instalment of works-in-process series, earth ocean ancestors.