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ROAR was a collaboration between Papergang Theatre and the Australian based company, The Joy Collective, run by Jules Orcullo.

It was one of six intercontinental works-in-process: diaspora, borders, solidarity, earth explored interaction, collaboration, and interconnectivity in an era of reinforced borders and social distancing, earth is the first instalment of works-in-process series, earth ocean ancestors.

ROAR explored the role of laughter and resilience through the writing of daily short form
and was held in April 2020 at the beginning of the COVID Lockdown. It aimed to use
the lightest of touches - a small WhatsApp performance space - in its quest for resilience
during the global pandemic.

ROAR was a seed commission and took place in a closed performance space of six writers
based in the UK and Australia.

The participants of ROAR were:
Valerie Berry
Jenevieve Chang
Tuyen Do
Melissa Lee Speyer
Lucy Sheen
Gabby Wong

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