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The world turned upside down...

It is August 2020 - time has moved simultaneously fast and slowly in the last few months. In March, we were heading into the VAULT Festival with Freedom Hi 自由閪 . By the time we finished our run on the 15th of March, our company members experienced racial abuse travelling to the venue in Waterloo and we witnessed dwindling audience numbers despite glowing reviews.  

On 17 March, Boris Johnson announced to avoid theatre venues and pubs - a week later the country went into lockdown. We had scraped through and Freedom Hi 自由閪 was digitally awarded with a Show of The Week, in a landscape that is now forever changed. 

We were unable to respond quickly: we needed to rest and we needed to process. With gratitude, we have received an ACE Emergency grant to support our projects in the next few months. 

We are all living the rollercoaster that is the global pandemic, mixed with the National Security Law in Hong Kong and the uprising of #BlackLivesMatter; and like you, we are taking one day at the time.  We send those who need it much love and support in these challenging times.

Papergang Theatre is back - thank you for your support.

- CW.

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