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Our Amaterasu events

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

About Amaterasu -Out of the Cave

When they immigrated to Britain, Emi was almost a teenager while Aya was still an infant.

Years later, the sisters find themselves trapped together, forced to confront the differences in their childhoods, their values, and their memories.

Amaterasu – Out of the Cave is a contemporary folktale inspired by the Shinto myth of the Japanese Sun Goddess and the God of Sea and Disease. In a vibrant collision of new writing, Taiko Drumming, and movement, Papergang Theatre bring you an epic new tale exploring identity, family, history, and the caves – internal and external – that we hide in to survive them.

Sunday 5th Sept Zoom panel: Modern Migrants: A Female Perspective.

Director Ailin Conant speaks with, Cecilia Gragnani, Tess Hodgson-Sakamoto, Gabby Wong talk with director Ailin Conant about modern migration. Register here:

Themes: Third-culture identities/How the age of our immigration affects our relationship to the politics of our society /Women and motherhood.


Arcola Outdoors Today I'm Wiser Festival

9/10 Sept 2012 8:45pm

Tickets £10/£8

Newham Unlocked

24th Sept 7:00pm

Amaterasu -Out of the Cave is an Official event of the Japan Season of Culture.

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