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Amaterasu - Out of The Cave

We are delighted to announce our first work-in-progress performance since 2020, with the support of Arts Council England: Amaterasu - Out of the Cave.

Devising cast: Tess Hodgson-Sakamoto, Haruka Kuroda, Nao Masuda and Mark Takeshi Ota Director: Ailin Conant, Contributing Playwright: Stewart Melton, Design: Yiran Duan, Light design: Anfy Shum, Assistant Producer: Brent Tan

About the show:

When they immigrated to Britain, Emi was almost a teenager while Aya was still an infant.Years later, the sisters find themselves trapped together, forced to confront the differences in their childhoods, their values, and their memories.

Amaterasu – Out of the Cave is a contemporary folktale inspired by the Shinto myth of the Japanese Sun Goddess and the God of Sea and Disease. In a vibrant collision of new writing, Taiko Drumming, and movement, Papergang Theatre bring you an epic new tale exploring identity, family, history, and the caves that we hide in to survive them.

Arcola, Today I'm Wiser Festival

9/10 Sept 8:45pm £10/£8

Newham Unlocked

24 Sept 7:00pm Free

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