New Writing Course 2014 – First Class

IMG_3953Inspiration, step outline, character, dialogue, troubleshooting, reading. Six steps that Clarissa and I drew up for the first new writing course. May be we need one more lesson? No, two? Lesson plan? How about an extra week? Maybe an extra facilitator? More writers? Deep breath. Just go with it.

And we did. For the past 6 weeks, all the planning, effort and agony went into graft and craft. It was pleasure working with what will now be called the Class of 2014. Dan, Helen, Jay, Sylvie, Jung Sun, Michelle, Anna, Shuang, Christina, and Kae; well done to you all. These 10 writers trusted us with their talent and time and we helped them do nothing more than write. Give them the tools to express themselves on the page. Take ideas and give them the best opportunity to thrive. I thank everyone involved that invested time in us. That includes people like Disturbance and Kobi Hall for their support throughout the process. I know I owe them both a lot.

There were ups and downs and quite a few tangents in between but the final work, created from a standing start was outstanding. Hearing the work for the first time was truly a proud moment. The key now is for it not to be the final moment and I hope, I beg and I dream that everyone continues writing.

As always, we will be there when you need us.

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