In her own words: Naomi Christie

Naomi Christie

At the time of writing, I am reading through the most recent draft of my play, Lactose Intolerant, before sending it off to the lovely Simon and Clarissa for Papergang Matinees. For me, writing ‘my play’ seems somewhat odd as it doesn’t seem that long ago when I was sat in Papergang’s playwriting workshops struggling with the basic building blocks of writing a script. By the end of the workshops, I’d written ten pages of a play that I thought was fairly decent for a first try. Pleased, I promised to finish it.  

Five months later, I still had ten pages. I was in dire need of some motivation so when Papergang Matinees came up, the idea of having someone there to act as a mentor, or rather, shout at me for not writing, seemed ideal. I sent in my pages and was selected with five other writers to develop a full length play. Out of the six, three of us would be selected to have our plays staged. 

Simon, who patiently mentored me, had a real knack for saying something sucked without actually saying it sucked. I spent a lot of my time editing the things that sucked to make them better. So, thank you Simon. Many drafts and tears later, I was somehow selected with two other writers to have their plays actually staged. So, although it sounds odd to think I’ve written a full length play, I cannot say how thankful and delighted I am to be a part of Papergang Matinees.

Catch the reading of her play at the Tristan Bates on the 29th November, 3pm. Buy tickets here

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