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Papergang Theatre, a platform for British East Asian writers

We were formed by graduates of the Royal Court Unheard Voices programme, which develops writers from ethnic minorities. Our mission is to create theatre work that reflects the multi-cultural society we live in, bringing contemporary voices from our community into the mainstream.

At Papergang, we know that a writer can only realise their full potential if their work is produced and has a life beyond the page. We are a theatre company connected to a diverse range of people who all have experience in the different aspects of theatre making.  We have a network of writers, producers and directors, all of whom share our vision of putting the best writing onto the stage.

Since 2013, we have organised writing workshops, readings, showcases and co-produced plays. We have collaborated with the Finborough Theatre, The Bush Theatre and the Tristan Bates. Our new co-production with Pokfulam Road, I’m Just Here to Buy Soy Sauce will be on this summer at various venues in London.

Stick with us kids and enjoy the ride!

Simon and Clarissa

Email us at [email protected] or keep an eye on our events page to see what we’ve been up to.



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