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Papergang Theatre

Papergang Theatre company is a writer led theatre company with the aim of improving the representation of British East Asian culture across the dramatic arts primarily in UK theatre. We produce work that is informed by the East Asian experience within Britain and the Western diaspora, inspired by the desire to see that perspective on stage.  Our work will combine Eastern and Western narratives and theatrical styles.

British East Asian culture and East Asian culture in the Western diaspora, is a unique amalgamation of Eastern and Western customs. There is no formula for this culture which can manifest itself in East and West mixtures of varying degrees but with the overriding factor that it is not solely one, nor the other. It is a recognisable and yet unique experience!


As a start up with some success, we are looking to consolidate our foundations by becoming a charitable organisation in 2017 with the aim to gain access to funding that would secure the company’s future.

The company will become established but not establishment.  Our work will continue to be informed by the East Asian unique voices on stage. However, artists from any ethnic background will be able to benefit from the charity’s work providing that their projects focus on British East Asian culture, theatre styles, narrative or experience.


Email us at [email protected] or keep an eye on our events page to see what we’ve been up to.



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